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  • Six Bricks Teacher Manuals

    Hundreds of Six Bricks activities are provided in the manuals to develop Perceptual, literacy and numeracy skills. We are also working on additional manuals - coming soon. 

  • Six Bricks Idea Centre

    The Six Bricks Idea Centre contains numerous activities for your students. Browse through it and get a sense of the educational potential of Six Bricks. 

  • Six Bricks Educators Facebook Group

    The Six Bricks Educators Facebook Group continues to grow every day. Check it out for hundreds of exciting ideas and activities. 

  • The Ultimate Six Bricks Kit for Schools - New mats added

    This is the latest kit that schools are crying out for. We have added even more activity mats to go with the 32 sets of LEGO® Six Bricks, plus numerous manuals and resources. All packaged in a nice box for easy storage. 

  • Discounted Six Bricks Kit proving hugely popular

    There is an excellent value Six Bricks Kit available that is discounted from €336.00 to just €199.00, and includes access to the 20-hour online training course, the interactive whiteboard software and enough materials to cater to a class of 36 students.

    Training as a teacher in the pedagogy, principles and practices of Six Bricks in tandem with introducing and rolling it out daily in your classroom reaps a rich educational dividend for learning.

    We just had one Wexford school buy 6 of these kits - very popular.